how to start Whatsapp consultancy business


how to start Whatsapp consultancy business

Whatsapp consultancy business is the new business format that you teach people what they don’t know and they pay you continually as they learn it.

Here is an example

Here is what me and my team member did to keep stacking 100k+ weekly from this same whatsapp consultancy business.

We did series of investigations and found out that a lot of women who just gave birth to still have protruded stomach..
There are many remedies though…

But not all can Reach such remedy…
Not all can browse the internet to learn more.
So we took them in…
Show them what they haven’t known about and they paid us.

So this is how we did the set up in few days before the money came rolling in

We created a Facebook account with our real pictures…

We built our profile to that of those who have a good knowledge of how women can get pure flat belly fat after child birth…

We went to Google and did a thorough research on how women can deal with such stomach issues herbally and excersice-wise…

We differentiated our research into two;
the very deep ones that took us a whole while to gather while researching (which was worth paying for)
And few easy and somehow known ones among people..

So we posted the number 2 type of info on our Facebook account for 1week
We backed it up with good quality pictures from Google too…
We made sure it was well written to give good value to the readers.

We didn’t add any friends… No family or friends.


After the 7 days…
We joined 2 mom group in Nigeria…
And 1 general health group..
All on Facebook!..

Ok… When we were approved…

We started posting more of those free value health posts on those groups.
Even though nobody comments or likes…

….They do chat us up and we just exchange pleasantries
But that’s not the big deal here


After 2 extra days of posting free stuffs on those groups…

We then decided to do a small compilation of those stuffs we do post about…

Remember, the big info that took us a whole lot while to gather was still kept safe(its worth paying for!)

We compiled it with an ebook making app from Google play store which can be anyone.. They are plenty there.

We then created a whatsapp group…

And downloaded An app called whatsapp business…

You simply go to settings of the app and click on business… Then locate your chatlink… it’s there.

Do you know the use of the chatlink?

If anybody clicks on that chat link, they will automatically end up in your chat without having to save your number… So simple and chats start there!

So inside the ebook, after giving those free strategies on how to make your belly flat for free…
We added our chat link below for them to chat us and join other mums who pay 300 per week to learn the very strict step which they are to follow to get their belly in normal shape.
We guaranteed them positive results in the shortest period of time.

We then did a small write up about that ebook in those groups… Telling them to inbox us to get the guide for free

Reasons is that… If we drop the link via Facebook… Facebook Will ban our account.
So we opted for them to chat us and we will send them the link of the ebook.

Now when they read the ebook…
They chatted through the link we added below it and we interacted and they paid us and we gave them link to join the group.

There we shared our daily things to do work load for them

Just so easy

They were doing it

And loving it.. Because it was working.
They invited their friends tooo

At the end of week

We will create a new group and when they renew their pay we added them to the new group and remove them from the other!

In a week
We were getting over 100k in total a from them

Now… We are doing over 190k weekly
We keep researching and getting more tips…

You can visualise this same step to any type of business you like that people will like to learn from

Make money online stuff is an exception.

Choose a particular venture like health, carer in writting and marriage follow up
Build a good Facebook account that matches your venture
Join groups related to it
Make thorough Google research about such venture… Learn it and differentiate into 2.
Give tons of value via timeline and the matching groups.
Get them to your whatsapp business and close the deal
Charge cheap focus on making your info worthwhile