How to make money daily as a blog post writer


There is this site I learnt about last year… studied it and started in early January.

It’s a website like Fiverr but not like Fiverr
It’s a place where one can sell their skills…
And one of the best selling skills is the blog post writing(guess post)

So…make sure you can write before you continue reading.
Like very well oooo.


The site is known as
You first of all register with your full details…A good looking professional picture.

Then create a job listing as a professional guest post writer.
With a good looking image and headline.
All the signup and job creation processes are all easy to do as the website will be telling you what to do .
Charge them like $20 per blog post.

Well to set up all these is not the problem….it’s getting clients…

How did I get clients that made me $1000 in January alone…?

Well I only had 5 clients who kept on hiring me…
Maybe it’s because I’m good at writing.
I wrote them articles like 10× per week and I charge them bigger as we bonde.

So…how can one land such a huge client?

It’s simple and hard…
Do you know LinkedIn?
If you don’t…hit your Google and find out..
It’s a social centre where genius meets geniuses.
I got a page setup on LinkedIn.
With a professional looking picture and name.
Wrote a marvelous looking description about me and my skill..
And guess what, I added the link to my SEOCLERKS job page in my LinkedIn profile…

Now ..

Everyday I will write about the importance of hiring a good guest post writer.
And people were seeing it…Oyibo especially.
They love what I was writing…
They checked my profile and liked me more …

And guess what…..?

They hired me…
And I worked for them.
They paid me….

I withdrew to my PayPal account…
That’s it…
Register with a sweet name and processional photo .
List your writing job with a good caption and image.
And $20 as your fee for writing for anyone.
Add your PayPal email for withdrawal of earnings.

Build a LinkedIn account…a Sharp looking one.
Post the importance of hiring you.
Get set to write…
You will be shown how to deliver your write up …
And your money will be credited….
And you will see where to click on withdraw earnings and it will land in your PayPal account.
Earn and spend wisely