How to build a buying email list


Email marketing is the act of using an email auto res-ponder to gather interested email addresses of a particular business or offer…

Then how do one get those email lists (interested)

First, you need an email service provider.
Such as mail-chimp, get-responce or the legendary click-funnels

Then, you need an irresistible offer that an onlooker can’t turn down.

Maybe, you can give out a very costly ebook or guide that they could have paid a lot of dollars or naira for.
For that alone, you have already captured their interest in your service.

Ok… Now you have to get their mails in return while you give them ACCESS to the guide or E-book.

Now, whilst they are your subscribers, you can now monetize them to your specific choice


Before then, to the fact that they are your subscribers doesn’t end it all. So what?

Don’t just give them the free ebook and then boost of being their owner, remember the unsubscribe button is down below!


You still gotta maintain them, keep them and live them!
You have to keep sending more and more free values a quite lot of time before you monetize them and then often times while you still monetize them

That’s how to keep your list growing and still profitable.

A huge list makes the most sense, so don’t back off after a few hundred list.
Broaden your offer, make them good and twist them often with more sweater and lovely free offers from your awesome looking landing page

How do you retain your lists

It’s simple, but tiring.
Here, you have to do some question and answer series inside your email service where you can relate more with their problems and provide more valid options and solutions to them.

You can opt to give them your Facebook or what social chat or interactive media platform they can relate with so as to ask you stuffs and you correspond accordingly!


That’s how to build a smart looking email lists..
Not just that, retaining and monetizing them effectively!